A little girl with her new Mordor Gun Dog


I have shot for many years. My parents had lovely Labradors. However, building up my business meant long hours and little time. I felt it not fair to have a dog.

Having taken a back seat in the business I felt now was the time to get my dog. A friend put me in touch with Charlie. I arranged to go and see him in the spring to see the dogs and talk about the best course of action. I knew I wanted a male Labrador.

Charlie appeared out of the kennels with probably 6 or 7 labs of all colours and ages. He put them through their paces one at a time, while the others never left his side, tails going ten to the dozen awaiting their turn. As he talked me through the different dogs I could not take my eyes of this beautiful fox red one. The dog was flashy and very keen, but so focused on Charlie I think a bomb could have gone off and he wouldn’t have moved. So Mango it was!

Charlie told me in no uncertain terms that Mango was very special to him. He was born almost dead and with a great deal of care from him and a friend Clare, and the kiss of life Mango survived. Because of this he said I had to earn Mango and show my commitment. I travelled up from my home 2.5 hrs away almost every week for 2 months until I was able to take Mango out alone. I would work him with Charlie watching from a distance behind a tree, so Mango could not see him!

Finally he came home. 5 weeks later, having spent 12 hours a day with Mango we went back to Mordor kennels. The minute Mango clapped eyes on Charlie I may as well not existed! 9 weeks after that we were going away, so Mango was to go back a board with Charlie. Still the same response from Mango, my wife laughed as it was the same treatment she got when I came back from anywhere! However, it made us happy in the thought that to be devoted to Charlie that much (after nearly 4 months away) it makes you realise how well they are cared for.

Mango has now had a number of days shooting with me. He is fantastic. Last week my friends all stood in awe as he retrieved two birds unseen across a river up a steep bank hundreds of yards away. All the pickers-up had failed to find them but Mango made it look so simple. He is such a star, and only 2 yrs old. We have many years of shooting together and things can only get better. I cannot recommend Charlie to enough people.

Kevin Finnie, Ayrshire, Scotland


"We bought Zulu, a two year old black Labrador last year. He is beautifully behaved and has a wonderful nature. Our son says he is like our new child!"
Lars & Charlotte Fogshaard

Spot Estate, Scotland & Denmark

"Dolly is a wonderful dog.
I love her and thank you for not only breeding and training such a magnificent dog, but also for your time spent with us in America.
Shelly Steinmetz, Millplain Vets


“Not only is Mouse an incredible gundog who is complimented wherever we go, she is also beautiful, gentle and excellent with our baby. Charlie has been so helpful and always available for advice and help.”
Emma & Hugo Black, Ricebridge Farm


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Charlie Thorburn has been featured in Scottishfield, Scotland’s premier lifestyle magazine, as one of the most saught after trainers in the world.

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