We are an international dog training school, with an expert team and quality facilities, based in Perthshire – Scotland.

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Our experts

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Mordor Gundogs was founded in 2003 by Charlie Thorburn with the ambition to create a dog training school for family pets that work in the shooting field. What started as an individual endeavour, soon became a family business, and eventually an established company with a skilful team onboard. Since those early days, Mordor Gundogs has grown arms and legs, with an ever growing international reputation for quality dog training and breeding. Our dogs are now spread across the globe, from the South Island of New Zealand all the way to north of the Arctic circle in Alaska, and plenty of stops in between.

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Charlie Thorburn was born into a British Army family, moving permanently to Scotland at the age of three. His childhood was spent surrounded by working gundogs and, later on, at university he acquired his first ‘trained’ dog – Moss, a springer spaniel. After an arduous first formal shoot together, Charlie expanded his gundog training interest into a serious hobby to ensure better results. Hours were spent watching videos, reading books, seeking advice, asking questions, watching other gundog trainers and handlers, then putting it into practice with Moss. After a great deal of trial and error “the Mordor way” started to be developed. Not long after, Charlie acquired a second working dog – Jasper, a cocker spaniel, then a gamekeeper friend offered him Rhum, a labrador puppy (which turned out, to this day, to be the best gundog he has ever had). These three dogs became the forefathers of all that Mordor Gundogs is today, so far stretching across twelve generations. Thanks to Charlie’s entrepreneurial spirit, vision and growth mindset, along with a lot of hard work and a great team, he built his business around his passion and has never looked back. Mordor Gundogs is a dream come true.


Meet our team of specialist professionals.


General Dogsbody

Charlie is the face of the business, the boss. Charlie leads his team by example, without hesitating to get stuck in all work…if he is not busy. Charlie believes “if you want something done, best ask a doggy person!”.


General’s Assistant

Antonia married Charlie in 2011 but had long since been a part of the Mordor team. Antonia ensures all moral is high within the team and is always willing to chat to ensure this does not falter. With this she is a great hostess to all clients staying at Mordor.


Office Manager

Fiona has been in the Mordor team for over 10 years, becoming a key person in the running of Mordor. Being the office manager, Fiona takes care of all intricate admin. She is the first point of contact and knows all clients, giving a more personal approach when talking all matters Mordor.


Head Trainer

Ash came to Mordor with years of experience and has recently become the teams Head Trainer. Alongside training his dogs and the running of the kennels, Ash always finds time to spend time with his team members to share his knowledge and experience for everyone to learn.



Dan has come to Mordor with years of training experience. He is very passionate about dogs and training them, training, and competing his own dogs in various trials across the UK. Dan is energetic, kind and is always there to help whenever needed.


Trainer & Admin Assistant

Megan came to Mordor looking to help a couple of days a week and has now joined the team permanently. She is eager to learn and is training some of our family pets. With a business degree, Megan is helping Charlie and Fiona in the office alongside her training.


Trainer & Social Media Creator

Lauren is an organised and caring person, who you can count on for ensuring the place is spick and span. Lauren has recently become in charge of all thing’s social media, creating a storm on Instagram with her excellent reels and posts.



Desi is the newest member to our team, joining us from Germany. Desi loves Scotland and is eager to bring her dog training skills from back home to the dogs at Mordor.

Freddie & Jack


Freddie & Jack are vital to our ‘family pets that work’ philosophy. Their wild presence & mischief tests the dogs (and trainers!), but ensures they are prepared to cope with almost anything.


We pride ourselves on keeping all dogs in the highest standard of accommodation. Since 2006 we’ve invested in high quality, custom built facilities to house them, which more than meet the regulations set by the professional kennelling authorities. Our indoor kennels include eco heating from biomass boilers and underground drainage, to help maintain a comfortable and immaculately clean environment for the dogs. We ensure that they have plenty of human and canine company every day and, of course, that they enjoy the stunning Scottish countryside a perfect place to raise and train them.


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