We focus on training gundog breeds at any level, to better suit your household needs and lifestyle ambitions.

Buying a trained dog

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We sell ready trained dogs, which we select from our home bred litters of puppies. They are socialised and worked in-house to be obedient and experienced when they start a new life in their forever homes. We are happy to cater to any of your specific needs or preferences. You will find that our dogs make ideal family pets, as well as able gundogs. They are available for purchase from two age groups:

10 – 14 months old

These young dogs will be trained to know good behaviour and lovely manners. They will respond to hand, voice, and whistle commands, while also being well versed in the house/home environment, and behave around livestock and other dogs. A basic level of gundog training will be instilled to give them a good grounding for the future in or out of the shooting field. These dogs are approaching teenage years and will need some good guidance to fulfil their ultimate potential.

14 – 20 months old

The previous training will be further reinforced. These dogs will now have a more solid knowledge and experience in or out of the shooting field, as they will have been exposed to regular work and the training required to get them ready for it. By now, the dogs are top university graduates, with an exciting life ahead.


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When planning ahead for a new dog we encourage our clients to come and visit us as often as possible before collection for owner training. The better bond you and your new family member will have with each other the more you are going to leave Mordor as best friends ready to enjoy a happy life together.

If you are based abroad, we can arrange delivery. Over the last 20 years we have gained a great deal of experience handing over pets to their owners in the UK, as well as exporting them all over the world. Wherever the final destination, we organise it all so that the dog has the best possible journey, a stress free arrival, and great start with its new family. The handover includes in-home training and settling. Sometimes, but most certainly for all of our inter-continental dogs, we also plan to stay overnight or for a few days to make sure the transition runs smoothly. Charlie will generally do the deliveries himself.

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We provide professional training for pet and working dogs alike. All breeds at any level are welcomed to our school and join their own bespoke training program. Our training methods are firm but not harsh and we approach every dog as a unique case which deserves its time, dedication and understanding to develop. We also keep in mind that dogs will live as pets primarily and therefore we work with them to ensure they know how to behave all the time, not just at work. Ultimately, we pride ourselves on delivering happy, confident dogs.

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New clients will be taken on after an initial, mandatory consultation. An interview is arranged to assess the dog’s background and the owner’s expectations; subsequently we discuss our training methods that will best address and adapt to all requirements and aspirations. All dogs will then enrol in their custom training programme, over a minimum period of 4 weeks which will include:

stage 1

Basic Obedience Training

We will establish the obedience foundations, training the dog with basic command driven exercises (e.g. sit/stay, heeling on/off the lead, recall to voice and whistle, etc.) and going through good behaviour/general manners for an easy shared life between pet and owner. Very basic gundog work can be included if required.

stage 2

Intermediate Obedience Training

We will go further with the obedience training exercises (e.g. recall and stop to whistle at a distance and dummy work), introducing the dog to testing situations, outside its comfort zone, in urban and countryside environments where it will have to comply and manage stress. Introductory gundog work to game, shot and hunting, can be started if required.

stage 3

Group Work Obedience Training

We will work the dog in group settings to achieve steadiness and reinforced obedience in all situations, socialising it with other trained dogs that will follow along or lead the pack by example. We will also extend training to any specialist dog and owner sessions. Serious gundog work on cold game and live game can be included if required.

stage 4

Field Work Practical Days

We will take the dog to do field work. These experiences will enrich the dog’s awareness to its surroundings, while working on collaboration skills and increasing its dependability. Along with walked-ups, for gundog specific training, we will do peg shooting and pick up on driven activities, as well as rabbit and duck/geese flighting days.


Tune up sessions

Your dog will be continuously evaluated and we will report back its progress. If needs be, at the end of the training programme, we will advise you to let your dog enlist in a few more tune up sessions of up to two extra weeks of training.

yearly revision courses

We always recommend that each dog returns for a revision course every year. If you own a working gundog, we will normally welcome it at the end of the summer to ensure it will be in top shape for the upcoming season.


Frequently dogs board with us due to the owner’s lack of time or experience, for quick solid results. However, we feel it’s equally important to keep the owner engaged in the training journey to ensure that they are as well prepared as their pet. We offer one-to-one lessons for owners on how to train and relate to their dogs. These are normally complementary to the professional dog training programme, but can also be taken separately.

Lessons can be arranged during:


normal working hours

Weekdays Evenings

summer season only


all year round



We are always keen to hear from our clients and continue pursuing the excellence of our services.

Whether or not you shoot or wish to work your dog, the solid discipline and good manners of Charlie’s dogs makes them a very different and much more rewarding prospect than your average family pet. We wanted a young dog but circumstances meant that a newborn pup was not feasible. Expert advice from Charlie and his team led us to Bagel (litter siblings Waffle, Crumpet and Pancake), an 18-month-old springer. She is our second from Mordor and is an absolute delight at home and with the family, having made a seamless transition into our household. Our regular visits and lessons prior to handover made it all a particularly smooth experience. Bagel settled with us quickly and is equally at content in town, on a beach, climbing hills or hunting through cover. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mordor Gundogs and am very pleased once again to have one of their alumni in the family.

Edinbugh, UK

Mouse is an incredible gundog, as well as a gentle and excellent pet with our baby. Charlie has been so helpful and always available for advice and help.


Ricebridge Farm

Surrey, UK

We had our first driven day today and little Buddy was great. A cocker spaniel sitting off the lead at the peg…what a good job you have done. Thanks!


Border Driveways

Stowe, UK

We went to see Charlie following a recommendation from friends. Having discussed our requirements carefully with us, Charlie advised that given the ages of our children (then 6 and 10) and the fact that we had no experience of dog ownership, a Labrador would be a good fit for our family. We knew that we couldn’t take on the training of a puppy because we lacked the time and the skills required, so the option of buying a trained dog was perfect for us. After regular visits to the kennels to participate in her training and get to know her, we collected 10-month-old black Labrador Maggie from Mordor Gundogs in October 2021. She has quickly become an integral part of our family. Our two children adore her. Charlie and Cat at Mordor have done a fantastic job with her. They are always available for any questions we have and Cat has even visited Maggie in our home to help with settling her in. Maggie has returned to Mordor for residential training several times since then when we have gone on holiday which is really convenient, and she always comes back having unlearned the bad habits we have taught her! Maggie is a patient, sweet natured and affectionate dog and a great addition to our family. We would not hesitate to recommend Mordor Gundogs to anyone considering buying a dog.

Edinbugh, UK


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